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With trading statements now largely irrelevant balance sheets and innovation are now what matters. As opposed to ESG and franchise only a matter of weeks ago. I suspect we may look back at this time as a period of innovation. To avoid distress I am suspending the use of smileys, estimates and valuations temporarily.


Share Price 122.5p

Mkt Cap £144m

  • News cancels interim dividend. Activity has reduced since 1 March.
  • Price Move Shares down 35.5% over 20 trading days.

Secure Trust

Share Price 775p

Mkt Cap £144m

  • News Suspends its dividend. Trading remains in line with expectations.
  • Price Down 49% over 20 trading days

Amigo Holdings

Share Price 13.3p

Mkt Cap £63m

  • News Ceases all new lending activity except for key workers and confirms it continues with the formal sale process.
  • Price Down 74% over 20 trading days and 93% over a year.


Share Price 330p

Mkt Cap £376m

  • News Confirms unchanged guidance from 23 January
  • Price Down 28% over 20 trading days

Augmentum Fintech

Share Price 58p

Mkt Cap £68m

  • News Notes a number of their online fintech companies experiencing strong demand. Interactive investor says strong volumes have not declined in the last 2 weeks. Bullion Vault (gold) volumes up 387% year on year last week. Grover (tech rental) has seen a surge in demand. Farewill (wills) has seen 100% quarter on quarter growth.
  • Price Down 43% over 20 trading days

Begbies Traynor

Share Price 62p

Mkt Cap £79m

  • News Reminds us 65% of their revenues are counter cyclical.
  • Price Down 28% over 20 trading days

Nucleus Financial

Share Price 106p

Mkt Cap 81m

  • News Interestingly net inflows remain strong, up 135% to end February and continuing in March to be well ahead of prior year. The fall in assets values will impact revenues.
  • Price Down 35% over 20 trading days

Yesterday Castle Trust was awarded its bank license