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Wording in RNSAnalyst Interpretation
State of the Art SystemsWe are in shock at what the latest software upgrade cost
Record Revenue1% growth
Successful acquisitionUnlike all the previous acquisitions
Strategic acquisitionWe overpaid
Complimentary acquisitionthe existing business is ex growth
Investment in businessHaemorrhaging cash
Data managementPutting mailing lists together
Momentum maintainedIts about to slow
Focus on marginBecause there is no growth
SolidWe arrested the implosion
Rigorous cost disciplineLast one out turn the lights off
Remains on targetWe can leave the downgrade till next quarter
These are strong resultseven though you can’t tell from the numbers
Well positionedno growth environment
ParachuteLanding comfortably after being thrown from HQ by angry investors
Unseasonal weatherSales are plummeting
ModelDesigned to handle everything except what is about to happen
Profit jumpA one off gain
Moderately aboveThe cupboard is bare
Negative growthTerminal decline
Inflection pointwhen we are reporting huge losses
Poised to benefitNo upside currently
Pure playConcentration risk
Multi ProductLack of focus
PleasedThis time its not a profit warning
Cautious approachEveryone is going bust